User Onboarding Software

Guide users along onboarding flows to active them

Reduce Developer Efforts

Create onboarding tutorials without any developer efforts. Choose from a wide range of templates to quickly create engaging walkthroughs.

Personalize and Win Attention

Don’t let first time users churn because you didn’t give them personalized attention. Personalize your product tours to win the attention of your users.

Onboard and activate quickly

Help your users discover their AHA moment quickly with wonderful personalized Walkthroughs. Quickly onboard your user and boost activation 5X.

How It Works

Contextual Product Walkthroughs are the best way to introduce your app to your new users and onboard them quickly and successfully.
Guide them carefully and subtly through your app. Reduce the time to value and increase your ROI.

Grab a users attention with a tooltip that informs them about
any feature or functionality in the app by anchoring the tooltip
to a UI element on the app. Get them on a quick tutorial that takes
them through the capabilities of the app. By directing user attention to the desired features, user onboarding becomes a cake walk.
As the contextual walkthrough cascades from screen to screen during user onboarding, you can then use a coachmark to get users to discover a particular UI component in the app so they can interact with it.
You can incorporate any number of behavioral cues to span the
walkthrough across screens and create a contextual and informative tour during user onboarding. You can choose to showcase an inaugural offer
or make a special announcement for your new users.
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